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IF YOU TAKE……by Juliet Oji Osuji. If you take a school leaver with an O’ level and enroll him with a tailor, 3 years after, he would be able to […]

Abby and Brittany Hensel – Amazing story of a rare existence

    If you haven’t known or heard about Abigail and Brittany Hensel, well, we bring you the amazing story of the twins who live in one body and have […]

The big debate

Should Teenagers Own Smart Phones or Not?

Smart phones; the gadget of the contemporary times – useful yet destructive. Smart phones have come to stay, but question is; should teenagers own them? What do you think? Teens […]

Echoes of the Florida School shooting

That unfortunate Florida incident sent shock waves throughout the whole world but for us in Nigeria, it was much more than that; it bore grim echoes of our own experiences.

As the world celebrated and shared love gifts on the 14th of February, being Valentine’s Day, a troubled teenager chose to ‘gift’ bullets to his former school mates. Armed with […]

Will you be my Valentine

From me to you

Will you be my valentine?    –  By  Nkechi Ibeneme  Love is in the air! Preparations are in top gear for the celebration of world’s ‘most romantic day’ – St. […]


What I wish every secondary school student knew and practiced (4)

Hello young friend, for the past four weeks, we have been discussing what I called tips to a smarter and a more fulfilled you. Today, I will bring you the […]


What I wish every secondary school student knew and practiced (3)

If many adults knew what they know now, their lives would be pleasantly different…   Hello friend, today, we will continue with more nuggets on self discovery and actualization. Learn […]

CAREER 101…. a guide to your career choice.

What I wish every secondary school student knew and practiced (part 2)….By Opeyemi Awoyemi

Hello, Do you remember the Chinese proverb; “20 years ago was the best time to plant a tree, the next best time is now” … I want you to constantly […]

Dare To Dream!

Every great achievement or invention starts as a mere dream. If the ‘dreamer’ acts promptly and hard enough on this dream, it soon becomes a reality. Looking at the lives […]


Last time, we discussed some reasons why teenagers get involved with drug use/abuse. Today, we will look at the effects on these teenagers. The effects of drug use/abuse on an […]