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even teenage virgin girls can contract sexually transmitted diseases


This may sound untrue, but the author of the book, ‘Technical Virgins:How Far is Too Far?’, Hayley Dimarco explains this possibility in her book which comes highly recommended for teenage girls.

During an appearance on The 700 Club, Dimarco explained that some girls with strong resolve to remain virgins often indulge in other sexual acts they think are not harmful but, which ends up leaving them compromised and in harms way.

According to her, these teenagers often do not know how far is too far as long as they stay away from actual sex. She reveals that in spite of not going the whole hug, virgin girls can still be exposed to sexually transmitted diseases and even get pregnant if they do not know when to draw the line.

She agrees that it is normal for teenage girls to crave male attention and desire to be cuddled but warns that they should know when to draw the line. She went ahead to enumerate all the risks involved in letting oneself go.

The book is a must read for every teenage girl.

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