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medical students in new york university to enjoy free tuition for life


The medical students of New York University were overjoyed on Thursday when the School of Medicine of the University announced that going forward; it will cover full tuition for all current and future students, irrespective of need.

The life -changing announcement was made Thursday morning at the end of the annual “White Coat Ceremony,” where new medical students are given white lab coats to mark the start of their M.D. degree program.

“Our last thing was to tell the students and their parents that, hey, tuition is going to be on us,” Dr. Rafael Rivera, associate dean for admission and financial aid, told ABC News on Thursday. “It was awesome to see the emotions on their faces.”
Rivera said the daunting prospect of financial debt has an “adverse effect on patient care” by “scaring away” talented students from a career in medicine and, in effect, causing physician shortages and a lack of diversity.

“We don’t want this debt to hang over their heads and persuade them from pursuing careers of passion,” Rivera told ABC News.
The school initiated the endowment program over a decade ago to pursue free tuition for all medical students lucky enough to pass through the school for life. Out of the $600million targeted by the school, it has so far been able to raise $450million and that to them, was a good place to start.
According to Dr. Robert Grossman, dean of the School of Medicine and CEO of NYU Langone Health, the goal is to allow aspiring physicians “from all walks of life” pursue their passion with less stress.

“We thought it was a moral imperative because it’s very difficult for medical students to incur the debt burden of medical school, as well as the additional time burden of training,” Grossman told ABC News on Thursday.

According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, 75 percent of all doctors in the United States graduated with educational debt in 2017. On average, doctors currently graduating from a private school do so with $202,000 in debt. That debt pressure can steer new doctors away from research, community-based work and general practice, which may not be as highly paid as medical specialties.

NYU School of Medicine is the first private U.S. medical school and the only one ranked in the top 10 to offer free tuition to all its students, the university said in a press release. The yearly tuition costs covered by the scholarship are $55,018.

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