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Nigerian Parents Arrested in The US After Their 15 Year Old Son Dies While Fasting


The parents involved, a pastor and his wife called the Omosebis have been arrested in the United States and charged in connection with causing the death of a minor as well as another count of grievous body harm after their 15 year old son died of starvation during a 40 day fast.

The father who explain to the Wisconsin Police that the family had been engaged in a 40 day fast since July 17 together with his wife and a younger, 11 year old son, who although remains alive, is as of today in critical condition.

It was also reported by the police that the deceased 15 year old, left a letter signed in his name and address to the county court, in which he decried the horror of his experience before he died. His eleven year old brother was found so weak, he was unable to move an inch.

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