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OLAOLU OLAWUYI ……… Nigeria’s Tech Wizkid.

Meet the creator of ‘Material Palenight Theme’.


He refers to himself as a “CSS3 sorcerer and JavaScript fanboy, a Front-End Nerd, who does a lot of JavaScript and CSS while also doing some back–end stuff with PHP. And builds Themes for code editors like Atom and VSCode” – whatever all that means, lol…. If you aren’t a techie like me, you’d be completely lost when you hear him speak. And even if you are hi tech,  you will definitely be mesmerized by Master Olaolu Olawuyi, a 16 year old Technology whiz kid whose creation; Material Palenight Theme, a software development tool, has been downloaded a whooping twenty thousand (20,000) times and still counting.

Olaolu was one of the speakers at the Girl Meets Tech: Teen Meet up, organized by StartZone recently, to establish a solid foundation for young girls to be major drivers of tech innovation in Nigeria.

The Teens Connect team had a chat with him after the event, and brings you these excerpts:


TC: What/Who inspired you to learn programming?


Olaolu:  I guess curiosity. At a very young age, I got a personal computer, which was a desktop running Windows XP, and it was great. I used to play games like: Pinball, Zuma, Minisweeper and others on it, but I also found myself getting into weird parts of the software, like; ini, bat, cmd and I was like what’s this!? That curiosity made me often break the software and tried to figure out how to fix it. I did the same with other toys I got and this drove my mum and dad a bit to the edge.


TC: How long have you been coding?


Olaolu: My journey into actual coding began in 2012. Then, my dad was planning to start a news website, so he got a web developer to build his website. I was so curious about the black screen I saw him working on, so I asked, and when he explained what it was, I fell in love with it instantly. He gave me HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript videos to start with and I also learned a lot on my own by digging into website’s code.


TC: What has been your experience so far?


Olaolu: It has really been awesome and very exciting, although it could be frustrating at times. I’ve gone through a whole lot of those moments called “coding ruts”, when I’m stuck where I’d be like “what the heck is coding!?” , “why am I even coding!?”, “what am I coding for!?” and I would lose motivation completely. I recently got over one of such experiences when I read an article by Laurence Bradford.


TC: Your invention; Material Palenight Theme, has been downloaded over 20, 000 times by software developers. How does that make you feel and what’s the next big thing we should expect from you?


Olaolu: Naturally, I feel good that am adding value to the tech world and by that impacting my generation. As for the next big thing, I’ve recently been devising strategies to help me escape the web for a while so that I can dive into Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence – I’ve fallen in love with it so much.


TC: Where do you see yourself in the next ten years?

Olaolu:  I see myself as an established and happy software developer with international recognition.


TC: What course do you want to study at the university?


Olaolu: I actually used to be a science student, but I changed to arts in SSS2 third term because I couldn’t cope with physics. So, I have applied to study Mass Communication at the University of Lagos.


Olaolu Olawuyi


TC: Who is your role model?


Olaolu: My role model is Elon Musk. He’s the CEO of Tesla, SpaceX and other great tech companies. His life’s story is really inspiring; looking at all the challenges and down times he faced. I suggest everyone should read about him.


TC: Why do you think every teenager should aspire to be tech savvy?


Olaolu:  I think every teenager should be a techie because it’s what’s trending and it’s the future. Many jobs are going to be replaced by technology, so if we don’t prepare for it now, such persons would be left behind.


TC: What is the future of software programming in Nigeria?


Olaolu: I can say boldly that the future of tech in Nigeria is great. Nigeria is equipped with tech talents, but what’s lacking is the development of these talents. We’ve had visits from great players in tech globally, speaking of Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Sundar of Google and others. We also have great support and sponsorships from international organizations which  shows just one thing – great hands are in Nigeria, but the ones that are currently equipped with knowledge are fewer than the ones that are yet to be discovered. I think the government and NGOs have a huge role to play here, and we need to act swiftly.


TC: What are your hobbies?


Olaolu: Hmmm…, that’s really funny ’cause I spend most of my time on the computer. I love creating music, I play games very rarely, I seldom watch movies, but I enjoy SciFi movies like “The Flash”, I also love to enlighten people about tech and I hangout with friends occasionally.


TC: What’s your final word for fellow teenagers?


Olaolu: Everyone should really stop playing around doing nothing and see the light and potential of being in technology. They should get serious and look into a career in tech – it pays a lot. Organisations, both locally and internationally are looking to hire young smart minds for various roles and they pay handsomely for it.  TC!


Google Olaolu Olawuyi to know more about him.  Follow him: mrolaolu: everywhere on the web and whizkydee: on Git Hub.  

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