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Suzanne, Michelle: Stars in different Shapes





Though stars are different in sizes, yet its common characteristic remains the luminous elements that leave it shining even in the darkest dark. Suzanne Tsakma and Michelle Imogu happened to be among the stars that have been discovered in the planet earth with the power to illuminate their own world, Peace Obi writes.

The Bridge House College, Ikoyi, in a recent graduation ceremony dispatched into the world over 160 graduates who by power of knowledge and diverse exposure through a global-based education; were sent to lighten up the world. Among these stars are two prominent ones (Suzanne Tsakma and Michelle Imogu) whose academic performance, gifts and talents distinguished them among their contemporaries.
Standing tall in the crowd was Suzanne who along with the school choir rendered some numbers. The audience, who were obviously thrilled with the graduands’ performance, realised that it was a tip of the iceberg when she performed a solo titled, “This is Me!” (From the greatest showman). This performance from the 18-year old Suzanne saw the Shell Hall of Muson Centre that was filled to the brim with graduands, proud parents and other guests erupt in a shout of excitement and admiration.
Given her awesome presentation, one would think that Suzanne’s next point of call after Bridge House College will be at a music academy/studio to further hone her talent and to fully pursue a career in music. But Suzanne, who finished as the Best Student in Information Technology as well as the Best Behaved Student for the 2018 graduating class, has her eyes fixed on becoming a Mechanical Engineer. “I am attracted to the works mechanical engineers do; their innovative ideas can be used to change the world.” Tsakma who has always been a science student, said that her time at the BHC enabled her discover whom she is and what she wants to be.

On how she wishes to positively affect her generation, Tsakma said she would like to go into public speaking in the future. “I am from the northern part of Nigeria; I will like to be a motivation to young northern girls. In the north, education isn’t a popular choice for the girls. So, I want them to know that they can be great in life by taking advantage of formal education instead of going into marriage in their tender age.”, she said.


For 16-year old Michelle Imogu, it may be an understatement to describe her as an intelligent girl. Imogu seems to be most comfortable in a zone often dreaded by many students. At the 2018 BHC graduation, Imogu was recognised for her love and determination to demystify the ‘almighty’ mathematics with award of the Best Student in Mathematics.
The young Mathematician did not only prove her mettle within her territory, Nigeria, but also earned herself an international recognition by obtaining the highest score in SAT.
Called up the second time to the podium to be recognised and rewarded for not just her exceptional performance in the international examination but also for winning for herself a 65,000 Dollars scholarship to study abroad, Michelle who seems to be threading on a familiar terrain, said that she finished her secondary education with a similar award. On what she did differently, Imogu who wants to study electrical electronics, said, “I really worked hard but BHC really pushed me to do more because I had done SAT but didn’t score as high as this. “My advice to the youths is that Maths requires a lot of focus and the best approach is to start from the basics. Once you understand the basics, you can handle any other stage. And for the girls, I want to say, don’t be afraid to do science subjects. You can actually do better if you push yourselves to. Study hard and never leave out the God factor in everything you do”, Imogu advised.


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