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When is the best time to make hay? I know your answer is the same old cliché; “while the sun shines”….well, nothing can be truer.

Now is the sunshine of your life. It then means that this is the best time to plan, invest in and shape your future.

The solidity of a building depends largely on its foundation. Likewise, before a building is erected, there must be an architectural design which details the overall outlook of the building. This architectural design is a guide which the engineer must follow strictly, except in rare cases when it is tinkered to achieve better results. Sometimes, people copy the designs of existing buildings that have made a positive impression on them – so, copying is allowed even in building construction.

Now that you are young, begin to draw the architectural design of your life.  When you are done drawing, begin to work towards the actualization of your vision. While at it, you are allowed to borrow a leaf from the life/lives of established adults. In other words, you are encouraged to have role model(s) that you might want to shape your life after.

But, whatever you do and whoever you choose to be, learn a lot about technology; it is the future and that future is already upon us.

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