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Which is More Brain Taxing? A Chemistry Challenge or A Mathematics Competition


Two titanic subjects, two massively extensive fields of human knowledge. While it might lie beyond facts to say that mathematics and the issues that lie related to it may have occurred to us first and without the shadow of a doubt, has a great many direct implications and uses to general living, chemistry on the other hand is as close to literally as possible, the science of everything with some even describing it as “the mother of all sciences” with applications that range from food processing, pharmaceuticals, technology, energy, cosmetics, etc.

However, to the level of secondary education and just beyond, the question put forward is this: is mathematics with its vast expressions of problems, theorems, equations and formulae a more complicated and brain taxing endeavour than Chemistry with its host of laws, principles, reactions and inquests into the behaviours of the chemical nature of organic and inorganic entities?

Which do you consider more brain taxing, chemistry or maths? Have your say in the comment section!

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